Content Management Policy and Procedures


This document outlines the Content Management Policy and Procedures for, and, adult video content websites owned and operated by Thank You Luci, LLC. This policy is designed to ensure ethical content practices, user safety, legal compliance, and the overall integrity of the platform.

Consent and Age Verification

    1. Model Consent: All models featured in videos on, and must provide explicit and legally valid consent for their participation. Consent documentation must be maintained in accordance with legal standards.
    2. Age Verification: Every model depicted in videos on the platform must be 18 years of age or older at the time the content was produced. Rigorous age verification processes will be implemented to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Content Review and Uploading/Downloading

    1. Content Review: Before any video is published on the platform, it undergoes a thorough review process to ensure it adheres to community guidelines, terms of service, and legal standards. This review is conducted by our content moderation team.
    2. Uploading and Downloading: Users are restricted from uploading or downloading videos on the platform. All content is centrally managed to maintain control over the distribution and to comply with licensing agreements and legal requirements.

Real-Time Platform Monitoring

    1. Monitoring Mechanisms:, and employs real-time monitoring mechanisms to detect and prevent any potential violations of content standards or community guidelines. This includes automated systems and human moderation.
    2. Immediate Action: Upon detection of any content that violates guidelines, prompt action will be taken to remove the content, suspend accounts if necessary, and initiate further investigation.

Marketing Practices

    1. Transparent Marketing: All marketing materials and promotions related to, and will be transparent and comply with ethical standards. Any claims made in marketing materials will accurately represent the content and features of the platform.

Monitoring and Identifying Trafficking/Abuse

    1. Trafficking and Abuse Prevention:, and are committed to actively monitoring the platform to identify and prevent any instances of human trafficking, exploitation, or abuse. This includes implementing reporting mechanisms for users to report suspicious activities.
    2. Cooperation with Authorities: In cases where illegal activities are suspected,, and will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies, providing necessary information and assistance to address the situation.

Compliance with Legal Standards

    1. 2257 Record Keeping:, and complies with the 2257 record-keeping law. All required identification records for models featured in videos are maintained and organized appropriately to ensure compliance.
    2. Legal Consultation: Thank You Luci, LLC will seek legal consultation periodically to ensure that all content management practices are in compliance with local, state, and federal laws.


This Content Management Policy and Procedures document underscores, and’s commitment to responsible content management, user safety, and legal compliance. The outlined procedures provide a comprehensive framework for the ethical operation of the platform, ensuring a secure and enjoyable experience for all users.

Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

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