Compliance Policy and Procedures


This document outlines the compliance policy and procedures for, and, an adult video content website where members can communicate with each other through comment forms and other social features. The policy is designed to ensure responsible and respectful social interaction, provide a mechanism for reporting issues, and establish an appeals process for users.

Reporting Procedures

    1. User Misconduct: Members are encouraged to report any instances of inappropriate behavior, harassment, or violation of community guidelines by using the reporting form available on the website.
    2. Abuse of Communication Features: Reports of users abusing the comment forms or other communication features to spread spam, engage in malicious activities, or violate the terms of service should be submitted through the designated reporting form.
    3. Privacy Concerns: Users concerned about their privacy or experiencing breaches through social interactions should report the incident to our privacy officer using the contact information provided in the privacy policy.

Resolution Procedures

    1. User Misconduct: Reports of user misconduct will be thoroughly investigated by our support team. Appropriate measures, such as warnings, temporary suspensions, or permanent bans, will be taken based on the severity and recurrence of the misconduct.
    2. Abuse of Communication Features: Instances of abuse of communication features will be reviewed, and appropriate action will be taken, ranging from warnings to the temporary or permanent disabling of the user’s ability to engage in social interactions on the platform.
    3. Privacy Concerns: Privacy concerns will be investigated by our privacy officer. If a breach is confirmed, appropriate steps will be taken to rectify the situation, and affected parties will be notified in accordance with our privacy policy.

Appeals Procedures

    1. User Misconduct: Members facing account suspension or ban due to social interaction violations can submit an appeal through the designated appeals form. The appeal will be reviewed, and if there is sufficient evidence of a mistake or a change in behavior, the suspension or ban may be lifted.
    2. Abuse of Communication Features: Users who believe their social interaction features were disabled in error can submit an appeal through the appeals form. The appeal will undergo a review, and if the decision is found to be incorrect, the user’s social interaction features will be reinstated.
    3. Privacy Concerns: Users who believe their privacy concern was not adequately addressed can appeal the decision through the privacy officer. The appeal will undergo a secondary review, and if necessary, further actions will be taken to address the privacy issue.

Conclusion, and are committed to maintaining a respectful and enjoyable social environment for all members. This compliance policy and procedures document serves as a guideline for handling social interaction issues, ensuring fair treatment, and maintaining the overall integrity of our platform. We appreciate the cooperation of our members in adhering to these guidelines and reporting any concerns promptly.

Last updated: Jan 18, 2024

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